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 © 2020 Sounds-Write. All rights reserved. 

Materials on this course are the copyright of Sounds-Write Limited. 

Training with the materials and methods contained in this course is limited only to Sounds-Write licensed trainers. Although we encourage you to discuss what you have learned informally with other members of staff in your school/workplace within the context of your normal teaching and employment schedule, successful completion of this course does not carry training rights. You are not allowed to train other practitioners in Sounds-Write or share the resources in the manual with them. 

You must not copy any parts of the online training course, including both written and video material on any format or device, nor share it with others. You must not share the course contents with others or allow others to use your username and password to access the course. You must not download any of the course content, including the videos.

If you are doing the Sound-Write Practitioners Online Training:  in the Sounds-Write manual, only the appendices in Part One, the stories, wordlists and worksheets in Part Two and the optional support materials in Part Three (available as a download) may be photocopied and then only for the purposes of literacy tuition. 

If you are doing the Sounds-Write Years 3 to 6 course: the materials in the manual are not photocopiable

Although Sounds-Write Ltd is supplying the course content, platform and resources, the course provider/trainer is an independent contractor licensed by Sounds-Write Limited to deliver this course and is not an employee of Sounds-Write Limited.